Monday, 5 September 2011

Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass

First off, thanks to Willie for becoming this blog's 14th follower. I'm not *that* superstitious, but seeing the blog stuck on 13 followers for so long did have me reaching for the lucky rabbit's foot.

As ever, the weekend took an abrupt left turn. Jonesy, (mi hermano paternal) came round on Sunday in what's evolved into a regular wargaming painting/crafting session and we decided to go to work on the victorian slum housing project, which sadly won't be ready for the next planned wargame in two weeks time, but will be ready for the game after that. We've settled on cork tiles as the building material of choice and decided on a couple of points that had me stalled. Jonesy made a start on two of the corner buildings (a pub and a shop) while I focussed on pavements and progressing the three terraced house blocks that were in various stages of construction.

Today is once again family duty, so I'm going to try to use the time to assemble the four base boards, covering them with cobblestone paper and painting them 0n both sides.

Next weekend is the Asylum, the UK Steampunk Convivial, and along with Jonesy and a large chunk of our gaming group I've been persuaded to attend. I'm not really keen on the steampunk scene, nor does my physique really lend itself to cosplay, but I have a rather nice plastron-style shirt and black trousers with a uniform-style red stripe, both crafted for me by one of our gaming group, plus of course it will be an excellent excuse to wear a pith helmet in public. If nothing else it will be an opportunity to enjoy the chap-hop stylings of Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental MC. Although those two rivals are playing on different nights of the weekend, one lives in hope that we might yet see the steampunk rap-battle of the (19th) century.

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