Friday, 4 November 2011

These dreams go on when I close my eyes

Lately my nights have been plagued by a series of particularly vivid and coherent dreams. The settings for these dreams have ranged from a futuristic holiday resort to a cult-like agricultural collective.

In last night's expedition to the Dreamlands I was a soldier in training. Modern, though I think my weapon may have been a FN-FAL/SLR. The first half of the dream had us in very snowy conditions, bordering on the arctic, with our unit in full cold-weather gear. Then the scene shifted (as they do in dreams) and we found ourselves in an inner city urban environment, a warren of high rise flats. We were on a counter-insurgency exercise, but after getting turned around and separated from my unit, I saw the buildings all around us teeming with real armed insurgents. Somehow the training exercise had stumbled onto a real-life nest of tangoes. I had to get back to my unit and try to pull them out before things went horribly wrong.

Which was when the alarm went off.


Mark & Maff of Winter of '79 - do let me know if you guys dream any good Victorian Science Fiction scenarios will you? :-)


  1. Sounds like a cracking dream! LOL!


  2. Too much Modern Warfare 3 on the x-station?

    I only ever remember dreams in real life situations - although they might be quite distorted. (Go around a corner and it's connected to something that's actually hundreds of miles away).

    Perhaps you've just been living and breathing this stuff too much, or is it your subconsious looking for an alternative to the real-life game.