Monday, 18 June 2012

Burn baby burn.

I'm typing this entry one-handed, courtesy of a run-in with a rogue barbecue an hour or so ago.  Remember in the cartoons when someone hurts their hand and it glows red and throbbingly balloons up to triple size?  It feels kinda like that.  I've suddenly a lot of sympathy for Brother Kinch's "Sausage Finger Syndrome" appeal.  Anyway, excuse if this entry's a little terse as a result.

This weekend was Phalanx in St Helens, which is the closest thing to a local wargames show (not counting Britcon, which is more focussed on competitive gaming) so Mi Hermano Algo Jonesy toddled along to take a look.  Sadly I forgot to take a camera so no pictures.

Got a chance to chat with our old friends at Black Pyramid, who were showing off their first production cast of the new steampunk artillery.  We also chatted about the possibility of some custom figures, using bits from their multipart range (which is expanding BTW to include sailor suits and pork-pie hats.)

Next, our comiserations go out to Andy from Ainsty Castings, who had a greatly reduced stall courtesy of the thieves who broke into his loaded van the night before.  He was however taking orders and offering free postage.  Ainsty's definitely good people to buy from - a few months back when I queried a long delayed order from them, the answer came back minutes later with an apology and offer of Free Stuff(TM) to compensate.  Good People.

Warbases, another favourite supplier of mine were also at the show, and we discussed the possibility of a custom mod to one of their building kits.  Hopefully more on that later.

On the demo game front, one of the first tables I saw when I walked in the hall was a lovely Empire Of The Dead demo, which seemed to have a lot of the same buildings that I have, only looking ten times better.  It included Warbases and Sarissa Precision buildings and the same mix of horse-drawn vehicles that I have (Westwind, Lledo and even the Golden Compass coach)

I don't remember seeing much else on the VSF front, although there were two VBCW demo games, one by GWP regular Wingate featuring a spectacular city layout in 20mm, the other in 28mm run by Axis Of Naughtiness reader "Adam from Lancashire", who I completely failed to recognize until he commented on my last post here.

As for spending money at the show, I didn't add too much to the lead & resin mountain.  A few ex-Marbeth Designs 28mm vehicles (Sci-Fi, but all usable for the Paradiso project), a can of out-of-production Navy Blue Army Painter primer, and the latest VBCW book (the Albertine sourcebook).  Prize of the show however was a box of resin & plaster pillars on the bring & buy, for the grand total of £5.

One thing about the Victorians is they did so love their statuary.  The huge columns need to be topped with 54mm miniatures to make for really impressive, Nelson's Column scale monuments, while the smaller intact columns and pedastals will work with 28mm-40mm figures for slightly more modest tableaux.

We left the show not long after lunch and headed off for some more shopping in nearby Warrington.  After a brief stop at Ikea (more on that later) we hit the Toys R Us superstore looking for, well... toys.  Jonesy added a couple more kits to his Lego-for-wargaming collection, but I scored what I think was the Bargain Of The Month.  They had about half a dozen GI-Joe Mole Pod toys for only £4.99 each.

These look pretty much spot on for each holding a 10 man GASLIGHT unit, and with them I'll be able to deploy all of my Evil Genius Masked Minions by molemachine.  The similarly sized drilling machine from Ironclad costs £15 each, and here I have a fleet of four for £20.  Can''t wait to see what they look like in the Evil Genius colours of burgundy and gold.

Oh, and the trip to Ikea?  Well you've already seen the result of that..sorta..   Hang on while I take another photo...

My storeroom has finally been upgraded to the status of proper Man Cave with this little Expedit unit which will double as a worktop/painting station.  That's an original EeePC with a 7" screen on there (which I'm actually typing this on) which will generally be shoved off to one side to provide audio entertainment while I work.  The Expedit shelves give space for my paints, tools and any works in progress, and this little workstation means I won't have to mess up either the bedroom or the living room with wargaming clutter.

Coming next - a report on Sunday's gaming extravaganza and the announcement of Birthday Bash II: Aetheric Boogaloo!


  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear of your accident. I hope your hand gets better soon. A tip from one who got burnt a few times during a catering career - soak the hand in cold tea, it prevents blistering.

    I like the mole machines, and they certainly were a bargain.

    1. Cold tea - Is that tea that's been made with boiling water and allowed to go cold, or just a teabag in cold water? I'll definitely try that one.

      A few hours later and with the various painkillers I've taken the throbbing has subsided to a dull hum!

  2. Can't believe you managed to type all that one handed, I would have given up after the first couple of paragraphs.

    I had a bit of luck on the bring and buy myself: unpainted metal cadian squad, unpainted metal catachan squad and a pack of 3 untouched Man'o'War Eagleships - all for £15. I also got a copy of the WFB 3rd edition rules for £6 off of a trade stall. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the day purchasing-wise.

    Excellent find with the mole machines, I'll have to have a nose in Toys R Us myself when I get chance.

    What happened to Ainsty was a real shame, hopefully they'll be able to easily trace the stock and get the buggers who did it.

    I posted a reply to your MAWSlist comment in your previous blog post, don't know if you spotted it.


    1. Nice haul! You see the Praetorian army on sale for £265? I was sooo tempted to put in an offer, but they were unpainted just primed and I've got enough unpainted lead in the pile already.

      The Mole machines? I left two on the shelves at Warrington Toys-R-Us. Given GI Joe's popularity this side of the pond and the godawful movie these were presumably made for, they'll probably still be there for a week or so at least.

      I suspect the Ainsty thieves were more likely after the display shelves to sell as scrap metal, all that precious resin is likely to have been dumped somewhere by the scumbags who couldn't see its value.

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  4. Commiserations on your burnt hand!

    Thanks heads up one the GI Joe Moles, I might have a use for those too...

  5. I'm sure that android phone I sold you takes photos!! (no excuses any more for lack of photos)

    Sorry to hear about the hand, I'm imagining you wresting a smouldering bucket from your Dad's walking frame while he hits you with a stick!

    Am I close?

  6. Never saw the Praetorians , I just grabbed those things. Some fella picked up the eagleships to move them to the side and my hand shot out faster than it ever has before and practically snatched them. The newer IG just don't seem to have the same character as those old regiments. I think myfaves are the Mordians - very smart.

    Don't know if I'll get one of those moles, I'm trying to stop impulse buying things I don't need. But I'll deffo have a look in case anything catches my eye.