Monday, 8 July 2013

I'm doing Science, and I'm Still Alive.

I'm afraid this is a bit of a non-post, just to reassure everybody that in the words of a favourite Discworld character... "I ATEN'T DEAD"

For one reason or another I've been doing next to no wargaming activity whatsoever in the last month.  There have been no great dramas, no major life changes, just haven't been rolling dice or putting brush to miniature and therefore not had much to discuss here.  I certainly haven't given up the hobby or anything I'm just.. not doing it at the moment.

I didn't get to Phalanx this year, for the first time in many years :-(

I did recently discover that the Asylum Steampunk convention that I'll be attending in September is planning to run a Gaming stream, with demo games and possibly panels.  I've dropped the organiser a line asking about becoming involved, but haven't yet had a response.

And I guess I ought to start organising this year's Big Birthday Bash game.  At least with all the figures, vehicles and terrain I have ready to go there won't be much in the way of preparation required.

Aaaaaand.... that's about all I have to say about that.  See, I told you it was a bit of a non-post!

 EDIT - now I think of it.. I still haven't received the steam tanks from Ironclad Miniatures that I bought and paid for at Sheffield Triples! Right - off to write a snotty email! 


  1. Good to know you're still alive and kicking. I've not been active in gaming over these last five-six weeks through moving into a new home, so I know how it goes.

  2. Good to hear you "aten't dead". Me neither. I have been gaming, but it's mostly been solo boardgames and card games. With the heat of summer upon us (106F today) and busy days at work I don't have much energy for anything else. I did manage to create some vegetation terrain pieces to add to my collection; basing up some conifers I've had for decades, and making some stands of "elephant grass" from plastic aquarium plants, and a couple more small rock formations.

  3. Ditto re good to hear you are alive and kicking. With such unusually hot weather up here in Scotland I have been outdoors much of the time in the garden ,reading gardening etc. Got the paints outside one day but they dried too quickly.hope to hear from you here again soon.

  4. Blimey! That's nearly 2 months ago. Get 'em told, mate.

    I've been in a bit of a wargaming doldrums myself this past month.