Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Another Parcelpalooza

More details later, as I'm about to start an online RPG session. However one of the parcels was what I thought was going to be a different train toy to the Teamsterz model, as the packaging looked different and the manufacturer was listed as "Dunlop". What arrived was another Teamsterz tank engine, exactly the same as the one I'd already got, except about a quid cheaper. Looking closer at the product picture, it is a Teamsterz train, but in different packaging, and it appears to be a random mix of the tank engine sets and the locomotive + coal wagon sets.

Ordinarily this would be a bad thing, however it does mean I've got an engine and two matching carriages, which is the bare minimum I wanted for a train, so whatever colours or varieties I get from the second order I placed earlier, it's all gravy.

I don't know if it's just coincidence that I got the same model, or if supplies are limited and the blue tank engine is the only one left. But if you're thinking of buying some of these Teamsterz trains it might be worth taking a chance and purchasing from this "Dunlop" link.

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