Monday, 25 July 2011

Achtung! Hammerzeit!

Or more accurately, Donnerhammerzeit! This is the slightly modified Thunder Hammer fantasy steamtank from Scotia Grendel. I got up early yesterday to sand the turret rings on some Armorcast quad walkers which didn't take long, so thinking it wouldn't take a few minutes I grabbed the Thunder Hammer and set to work. Flash trimming and sanding didn't take long, but I wasn't happy with the smokestacks which on the original model looked like they had melted. While trimming them off using a mixture of hacksaw, stanley knife and brute force, I managed to crack the main body of the tank in two, but luckily it was a clean break and the superglued repair looks seamless. The replacement smokestacks are simply plastic tube cut to length and superglued in place.

After that I put the Thunder Hammer to one side and thought no more of it. Until later in the morning I found I had another vehicle I planned to use for the Big Birthday Game that needed undercoating. So I did the Thunder Hammer at the same time.

And then in the afternoon, mi hermano spectacular Jonesy came around for another painting session and after detailing the British Landship squadron, picked up the Thunder Hammer and asked "What do you want doing with this one?" The result, is pretty good and a far better paint job than I could ever manage. The beautiful dragon decoration makes it look better suited to a chinese based army rather than a German, so I'm probably going to use it as part of the Evil Genius army if I can dig up a suitable crew figure.

(And in related news, Robert from Scotia Grendel got back to me first thing this morning, promising to ship the missing parts for the Iron Drake ASAP. Can't complain and would definitely recommend these Leviathan dwarven steam tanks to any GASLIGHT or VSF gamers.)

So yesterday's vehicle painting session broke the back of the vehicle park. In addition to the five steam tanks Jonesy finished, he put a couple more coats of paint on two gun trucks I've been working on, while I finished three Armorcast Quad walkers, four biped walkers and got the Tiger MkII pogowagen to about 80% complete. I can just need to get that, the gun trucks and a drilling machine completed for Sunday, plus of course the last unit of British infantry and a half dozen individuals. Should be easily doable.

Finally for today, here's a little something I found wrapped around some very old fish and chips...
Egad! Whatever next!

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