Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm putting on my top hat

Curse you, Ramshackle Games! Shipping my order just two days before the big game.

Now I have to choose between painting up the awesome Isambard Kickass Brunel to lead my Evil Genius army, or... y'know... sleep and stuff? I don't normally like diorama-type figures, but this guy is just dripping with attitude and personality.

The package also contained the Brass Coffin, one of their more steampunky vehicles. It's a lot more detailed than the Iron Grumbler, and certainly much more appropriate for GASLIGHT. The casting is quite a bit cleaner than the IG, but still very rough around the edges, and there's a 5mm x 15mm gap near the bottom of the casting where the resin apparently didn't fill the mold properly and all the surface detail has been lost. It's not a problem, because Ramshackle cunningly included an extra big wheel in the kit and having seen how good the Brass Coffin looks with large front and rear wheels, I think I'm sold on trying to copy this conversion.

I'll definitely be buying from Ramshackle again, at the very least to get a collection of wheels and tracks for scratchbuilding.

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