Sunday, 7 August 2011

Add a new bit every day...

Again with the full back yards mocked up with scrap foamcore. Obviously there'll be a back gate for each house breaking up the back wall, but you get the idea.

Strictly speaking instead of a flat roof there should be tiled roofing and some chimneys, but a flat roof is a lot more practical, easier to store and less prone to damage.

I'm quite happy with the basic design of these, but not really enjoying working with foamcore & brick paper. It's fiddley and I'm struggling to manage even straight cuts on the 5mm thick foamcore. There's still a fair bit that needs to be done with regard to the doors and windows before I can tell if this construction method is viable, especially since I'm going to want at least 6-10 of these buildings to make a half decent residential area.

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