Wednesday, 28 March 2012

When Irish eyes are smiling...

Finally, about six months after the figures were bought, after six months of shuttling onto the painting table.. shuttling off the painting table, being put to the top of the painting queue... getting replaced in the queue by something else etc etc etc.  Finally, I've actually made some significant progress with my beloved bloody Fenians!  To the point where I'm realistically hoping to have a good portion of the infantry ready for a game this weekend.  I've completed the first of two units of irregular militia, while the four units of regulars have all had their pants and kepis painted, plus two of them have had hair, moustaches and rifle stocks completed.  Photos of the Fenian vehicles already completed were posted a couple of weeks ago. I've primed the unit of Cavalry I originally bought for them (Renegade Miniatures, like all the Fenian regulars), but recently I picked up a box of Perry Miniatures plastic ACW cavalry.  These are much smaller figures than the Renegades, although the horses are of comparable size, and ironically the figures make a good match for my current Irregular Miniatures cavalry.  While I'm not sure the two ranges of figures would mix well in the same unit, I think we can get away with them in two separate units.

The Perry plastics are, by the way, a delight to assemble.  They come with separate headgear, so whether I make them up with kepis to match the metal Renegade figures, or as more irregular cavalry with Confederate-style slouch hats, there'll be plenty of hats leftover, which will be useful for conversions.  If/When I start gaming colonial actions again, I'll definitely be picking up a heap of their plastic Ansars for the natives, and I'm sorely tempted to see if some of their Napoleonic cavalry couldn't be converted to pass for later 19th century county Yeomanry.

Other than that I've been doing lots of tinkering with little bits and pieces.  The Amera Ministry building has now had its base textured, a little more detailing required and then it's down to weathering.  I've knocked together over a dozen Breakdown markers with assorted cogs and clockwork gubbins on a cobblestone texture, as the grass-flocked ones don't exactly blend in on the city terrain!  Finally I assembled four objective markers using barrels, boxes and crates from PMC - very quick to do since the PMC stuff comes pre-painted.  All I did was cut four squares from vinyl floor tiles (again!), paint the sticky side brown and cover it with fine sand, superglue the resin bits to the base then finally add splotches of green flock for grass.

Photos of all this on the weekend, I promise.

Finally, for anyone in the Manchester (UK!) area, the "Battle of Weston-super-Mare" scenario I outlined last post will be run at Manchester Area Wargames Society on the fifth Sunday in April (29th I think).  If you're local and fancy joining in the fun (and needless to say, possess the proper gentlemanly spirit for a friendly game of GASLIGHT) then drop me a line in the comments.

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