Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I see a red door and I want it painted black.

 The good news, and at the end of the day the most important news is that my father is fine after his weekend scare.  I think he's just been lucky in the past that his side effects from past treatments have been so mild, or couteracted by other treatments, that this time it caught us all by surprise. He was sent home later on Saturday and since then has been growing increasingly stronger.

I feel a little gutted though about having to cancel Sunday's GASLIGHT game.  I hate letting people down this way, no matter how justified the reason, and with it so difficult to schedule these bigger games it's a bigger blow than just cancelling a weekly game.  Frankly the incident has left me feeling in a bit of a funk.

I think I need a bit of a "palate cleanser" as it seems like all I've been doing lately is build/paint stuff for VSF (or some generic stuff like the rocky hills).  So I wonder should I...

a) call a halt on painting and construction and make a concerted effort to schedule some VSF games using the figures, vehicles and terrain I've been working on, maybe trying out different rules or styles of game.

b) Put the VSF completely to one side for a couple of weeks and work on developing another project (candidates are Zombies, Modern/near future Street Violence, Eliizabethans, Sci-Fi, 15mm modern)  A brand new period/genre is out of the question due to current finances, so no 18th century, VBCW

c) Forget "developing" anything and delve into the storeroom and see what figures I can get a game out of with a minimum of effort (e.g. rebasing my 15mm colonial stuff for the Portable Wargame, 19th century pre-dreadnoughts/Ironclads, 6mm modern, returning to the Novembre civil war.)


d) Man up and crack on with finishing all the half-completed VSF related projects (which basically means the pink dollhouses, the horse drawn traffic, the scratchbuilt slums and the Fenian Brotherhood cavalry.   THEN choose a,b or c.

On the one hand, I've really started to enjoy the crafting side of the hobby, making terrain, converting buildings, yes and even painting miniatures (to a point). But on the other hand, I'm wondering if not actually getting to play as often as I'd like is what's giving me the blues, and that I need to stop preparing for games and instead actually focus on playing them.

What might be nice would be to turn up completely empty handed and play some games with other people's figures and choices of rules.  That would be a real palette cleanser.

Please excuse the navel gazing.  Normal service will be resumed once the existential crisis is over.


  1. Perhaps you just need to take a break from all the prep work you've been doing and play something that needs none (like those lego mini-figure games the other month)

    You've been building like crazy for that big game so you're bound to feel bad about it. I was starting to wonder when OO rail was going to start to appear :-)

  2. I think c definitely. Game something, anything and with somebody elses stuff, even better. Abandon yourself to the fun of gaming for a week instead of the fiddly side. And good luck with everything. Glad to hear your dad is feeling better.

  3. Game something. It's why you go to all the trouble of creating scenery, etc. Good to know your father's getting better.

  4. Game something -I agree with AJ!
    I am pleased to hear about your father too,

  5. Sounds like you need a game of something, anything, and have some fun. Get those dice rolling!

    After that, I would try and complete your current project. Its a tough job sometimes, but worth persevering with... I have a trail of half finished projects all over the place...!

    Glad you Dads on the mend.