Saturday, 28 April 2012

I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer.

(I always thought that lyric was in slightly poor taste.  Who would have known back then it would be so useful in keeping up the song lyric/post title gimmick in a blog, 20 years later.  Go figure!)

Unfortunately I spoke too soon yesterday when I talked about no nasty side effects.  My father has had a bad reaction to the treatment and has just been taken into hospital by ambulance after a night of ghastly awfulness.  Naturally there's no way I can now get away tomorrow to run the GASLIGHT game I've been working on for the last month.  I'm posting it here as the last way I can think of to get the word out to those who were planning to play.

I'm annoyed and disappointed that I'm forced to let people down like this.  But frankly right now I'm a little more worried about my dad's wellbeing.

(And everyone spare a thought for Bluebear Jeff of Saxe Bearstein.  At the time of writing he should be out of his own cancer surgery and, fingers crossed, on his way to what we all hope will be a speedy recovery. )


  1. Best wishes for your father.

    1. Thanks Sean. Good news from the A&E/ER. Dad's much improved and they're looking to send him home later today.

  2. Best wishes to your father, and to you as you cope with the situation. My wife and I are currently helping her mother in similar circumstances, so I know all too well what you have to deal with.