Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lazybones, sittin' in the sun

Day 5 of DO-WOP/WAMP turned into a complete bust for me.  The Motivation Fairy failed to call, and in her place the Apathy Fairy stomped my good intentions into the ground.  Short of spray-varnishing those rough terrain markers, I didn't do a darned thing, gamingwise on Friday.

As a motivational exercise, the week has been a mixed success. It did get me a little further with my paint queue, and got me to finish a half-started project.  But the requirement to have something concrete at the end of the day may have been self defeating, as it put me off trying anything that was going to take more than one day's work to complete (through drying times or sheer amount of effort involved, like painting a whole unit of ten figures, or making some new road junctions.)  With hindsight, there are a couple of other half-finished projects on my shelves that  I could have dug out

I think for getting stuff done, nothing beats the motivation from a very real deadline, such as a scheduled game.  But an exercise like DO-WOP or WAMP is well worth trying as a second-best option.  Thanks to myincubliss for the idea.

Ironically I've done quite a bit today.  Starting with the Black Pyramid Heavy Landship...
She's been primed and sitting on my shelf for weeks, and it's only taken an hour or so to get her to a state where she wouldn't look out of place on the wargame table (though I'm toying with the idea of giving her a black wash to try to pick out the detailing a little more).  Note that this pic shows one slight flaw with the casting, the rear of the left tread isn't sitting quite flush with the body leaving a slight gap.  I hadn't noticed this until seeing this photograph and on the tabletop looking down at wargames distances it's impossible to spot, so I'm going to let it slide.  For perfectionists, it would only take a few minutes doing a better job of sanding down and/or filling the gap with putty, so I wouldn't let it put you off this rather nice model.  This particular model has wing sponson guns and a fuel bin added from Black Pyramid's add-ons selection.

The only thing left to do is knock up some decals and come up with a name for this wee beastie.  My current  German landships are all named after Wagner operas, (Siegfried, Parsifal and Lohengrin) so maybe this should be the "Gotterdammerung"?

I also made significant progress on four other vehicles in the "Evil Genius" queue, including the converted Brass Coffin from Ramshackle Games.  It's looking pretty good and should be finished sometime next week with a bit of luck.

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