Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tea for two..

It's day 2 of DO-WOP and I can proudly reveal...

..two painted figures, complete but for the basing textures.  This was taken moments after the Quickshade was applied and after seeing this picture I was able to catch the excessive pooling on the left hand guy's chest.

OK not massive progress I have to confess, though I did a bit more work on the Scotties and assorted bits and pieces on about half a dozen other civilians.

I also received a set of stagecoach horses from Dixon Miniatures, for use in converting those cheap plastic wedding coaches to something useful.  The horses that come with the carriages are stylised semi-flats, so my first thought was to try Irregular Miniatures, my usual go-to guys for odds and sods.  Unfortunately their horses are a bit underscale for 28mm, and looked tiny next to the wedding carriage.  Dixon was my next port of call, and while still a little on the small side, they don't look too bad.

I have six Dixon horses, so the plan is to convert three of these carriages into "Growlers" or four-wheeled horse drawn taxis (as compared to the better known two-wheeled Hansom cabs)   I have Westwind Miniatures' Hansom Cab model, along with several assorted horse drawn carts from Irregular, plus some horse drawn vehicles from Lledo's "Days Gone" range.  Between al these I hope will make up a passable set of traffic for the Victorian Cityscape project.

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