Thursday, 26 January 2012

When the going get's rough...

Day Four of DO-WOP and another quickie terrain-build.  Rough terrain.

Unlike yesterday's hills, these were a brand new project.  I'm afraid the motivation fairy didn't visit until quite late in the day, around 3:30, so I needed a very quick and easy task that would nevertheless still be useful.

The bases are cut from cheap-as-you-like vinyl floor tiles, shiny side down.  I removed the paper backing revealing the self-adhesive side, but painted over that with brown household emulsion.  With the paint still wet I then applied a few blobs of white PVA glue and stuck clumps of cat litter to the glue.  It doesn't matter if the smaller granules stick to the paint, it all adds to the broken ground effect.  Feel free to tamp down the cat litter over the PVA glue, before shaking off the excess.  I also sprinkled a little bit of sand here and there to add to the texture.

With the paint still wet I quickly gave each piece a thorough coating of flock.  I actually sprinkled a little lighter shaded flock on first before covering the rest with my standard mid-green, which gives a nice variation.

Once everything's had a chance to dry tomorrow, I'll give them all a quick spray of matt varnish to try to hold down some of the cat litter, but apart from that the seven pieces here took just under an hour from start ("Hmm maybe I can do something with these old vinyl tiles?") to finish (when the photo was taken.)

Incidentally, I'm totally sold on the use of vinyl floor tiles as bases for flat or very lightweight terrain pieces.  I've yet to notice any significant warping, but because the material is so flexible it's easy to bend back flat.

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  1. Quick, easy and functional? These look like they'd be perfect for SOBH...