Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rip it up and start again...

Shortly after making the last post, I went outside and ruined some sailors.

Not in the traditional way with "rum, bum and 'baccy" but with Army Painter primer.  I've had 20 these Naval Brigade figures on my painting table for a while that I'd originally primed white, thinking perhaps of a more tropical service uniform.  Of course sailors joining the defence of the homeland are more likely to be in all blue uniforms. Rather than repaint all the jackets & pants by hand, which would probably have taken two coats to get a decent coverage, I decided to cut corners and reprime them with Army Painter Ultramarine Blue, over the existing white.

Big mistake.  The fact that there was already a layer of primer on the figures, combined with me being a little heavy handed with the blue primer, obscured pretty much all detailing on the figures.  The faces looked like unrecognisable blobs, and as soon as I'd finished I knew I'd screwed up.

Straight into the pot of Dettol they went, where it's taken two 24hr passes to get them cleaned up enough to be repainted.   A single, very light coat of Army Painter later, and they're looking much better.  But since I'm losing most of tomorrow to a hospital visit with my father, this means I've got 20 figures to paint in the rest of today and Saturday, while also getting everything together for the game on Sunday.  Which is about as fast as I've ever painted any figures.

(takes deep breath)

ready... set... paint!


  1. Haha. I'm sure you can do it sir !

  2. Instead of Dettol ,try neat "SimpleGreen" - It will loosen and strip most paint within about an hour... then just scrub off with an old toothbrush under the tap.
    Sorry to hear of your painting angst!
    When you said army painter I thought you were going to say you'd applied the stain too thickly - that seems a common problem with it?

    1. Sadly, Simple Green just isn't available in the UK, except by ordering direct from the manufacturer. When the topic of UK alternatives comes up, Dettol's usually top of the list, along with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.