Saturday, 25 February 2012

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as...


Look at any aerial image of a city, and the first things your eye will be drawn to will be any patches of colour amongst the greys and earth tones.  So for aesthetic reasons, I really wanted to include an area of decorative park or gardens to break up all the grey and brickwork.

So today I threw one together fairly hastily.

The pillars and railings were bought on eBay from one of the many Chinese traders on there - I think it was about £11 for a metre, and this project has used about half that.  Same goes for the streetlamp.  The ornamental pond is cunningly crafted from the lid of jar of picallilli (After living forty-one years on this earth knowing with absolute certainty that I did not like picallilli, I recently tried it and discovered I actually liked it.  Go figure!)  All on an offcut base of 3mm MDF.

It's not entirely finished - the painting on the stonework could do with a bit more care and attention, and once the paint's dry I'm going to give the water a few layers of glossy polyurethane varnish to give it some depth.  But there's something immensely satisfying about starting the day with a bunch of separate components and finishing the day with a more-or-less complete terrain piece.

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