Monday, 6 February 2012

I like smoke and lightnin'...

And finally the last product of this snowed-in weekend.  The modified Brass Coffin from Ramshackle Games.

Credit for the design of this build has to go to PapaMidnight of the Lead Adventure Forums, who first came up with this alternate build, which I've shamelessly copied with a couple of variations.

The default design of the Brass Coffin is unarmed and comes with two large wheels and two small wheels.  It costs £9 and is a hefty piece of resin in its own right.  It's one of the more detailed sculpts from Ramshackle, full of intricate steampunky detail.  It manages to convey the impression that this is an intricate yet slightly bodged together invention that may start shedding transmission parts at any time, rather than a more industrially produced vehicle.

I've added an extra set of large wheels (£1), the chimney from the Huntsman Spider Tank (£1) and a turret from a Liger tank (£3.50) bringing the component cost of this model up to £14.50.  Still good value, I think, as it towers over most other steam tank models.

All those detailed greeblies and rivited plates just cried out for the burgundy and gold livery of the Evil Genius faction.   The Brass Coffin will debut at the March Madness Melee, where the Evil Genius forces under Dr Rebecca Henchman (who was promoted after the death in battle of the man everyone believed to be Doctor Vesuvius) will be allied with the German invaders to counter-balance some of the new British units.

Also over the course of this weekend I managed to finish off the second unit of lowland Scottish troops that have been haunting my painting table for a while.  I also decalled and finalised the Heavy Landship from Black Pyramid and the Prussian Armoured Pullman from Scheltrum, both of which now sport clear German (or Prussian) insignia.

My current paint queue looks something like this

1 unit (10 figs) of Guardsmen from Ironclad Miniatures
1 unit of British Home Service Infantry (also Ironclad)
2 units of German Zepptruppen (Early German Infantry from Over the Wire Games "England Invaded" range)

Medium Landship (from Black Pyramid - headed for German service)
Mobile Gun (a small Armorcast vehicle mounting an unfeasibly large cannon - Evil Genius)
3 Scotia Grendel dwarven steam tanks (one heavily converted Iron Drake, plus the Rapier and Ironclad - Evil Genius)

Seal edges of baseboards and paint
Airbrush/Drybrush Sarissa Cityblock buildings (not decided on technique yet)
Finish scratchbuild slum terraces
Paint windows and doors of  Warbase buildings (terraces and tenements) and tile & paint roofs.

I'm hoping to get all the infantry, as many of the buildings as possible and at least the Medium Landship, completed for the March Madness Melee in a month's time.  It's unlikely we'll get to use all of it, but I'd like to have plenty of troop and terrain options available on the day, as well as plenty of eye candy to try to get people enthused about VSF gaming.

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  1. A delightfully menacing land leviathan! The color scheme really makes it pop.