Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dirty auld town...

Well here it is, our first mock-up layout of the city terrain for Sunday's game.

Most of the Sarissa buildings are missing their roofs, which were drying after being freshly painted, and the pavements haven't been cut to size.  The open space on the top left of the second picture will be filled with a factory from PMC resin buildings, but since that board was precariously propped up for this test I didn't want to risk the weight on it.  There'll also be a walled compound there containing one of the two game objectives - a ready-to-roll King Henry-class landship.

(..and yes, that's mi hermano del Ivanov, Jonesy sporting a "What Would Hartek Do" t-shirt!)

Still to do on this picture: the factory walls, the town square in front of the red roofed building (now done) and a statue for the town square, which is...

..also done.  The column is made up of a top and bottom piece from Langley Models.  Allegedly scaled to fit 1" dowels, the reality was more like 3/4".  I found that the only dowels I could source were either slightly too small or slightly too big to fit snugly.  In the end I found a smaller offcut in my bitz box and combined it with a piece of plastic tubing that fit over it like a sleeve, butting up against the cast pieces instead of fitting inside them.  The result looks better, in my opinion, and is quite sturdy.  The figure is an allegedly 40mm miniature of unknown origin, possibly a magazine collectible, that I bought on eBay for the princely sum of one English pound.  Being taller and more slender than the 28mm wargames figures makes it an ideal candidate for a statue.  I'm not quite sure why there's be a statue of a Spanish-looking Elizabethan soldier in an English town, but he's cheap and fits the column.

The Victorians did so love their statuary.  I've picked up the Perrys' mounted Napoleonic British generals pack with a view to recreating Aldershot's famous statue of Wellington (which just happens to be in a similar pose to the miniature.)  Uxbridge, from the same pack, will probably make another fine statue, while the top-hatted Picton will almost certainly wind up being painted up as a mounted Victorian gentleman.

And that's the up-to-date terrain news.  Coming next a look at the dozen or so vehicles I've got in progress in the Landship queue, including a couple of new deliveries from Ironclad and Ramshackle.


  1. That looks great! The soldier on the statue is from a pack (along with a knight, a roman and something else) that gets sold in the gift shops of various castles around the country - one turned up in lost property at work a couple of weeks ago and had us reminiscing...

  2. Yes! Now you mention it I think you're right, they're castle/museum souvenirs. I knew I'd seen them somewhere before.

    They seem to crop up fairly regularly on eBay for some reason.