Monday, 27 February 2012

Marconi plays the mamba

Today mi hermano del constructor de la ciudad Jonesy came by to help put the finishing(?!) touches to the Victorian City terrain.  By finishing(?!) touches I mean of course for now.  I expect to be constantly tweaking and adding to this setup for some time to come, but for today we basically got things ready for this Sunday's coming March Madness Melee game (which is all systems go)

We somehow managed to balance the 6'x4' baseboards onto my 4'x4' table, and did a test layout of the buildings into something resembling city streets.  We are just using the buildings from Sarissa, Warbases, Ziterdes and PMC for this layout, which is more than enough to cover the table space we have.  Later on we'll be able to add the scratchbuilt terrace slums and the second Warbases tenement building (I gave up on all those bloody windows!)  to portray a more low-rent side of town, or by adding the Amera Plastic Mouldings church & ministry building, portray the better side of town.

At this point I have a couple of minor jobs to do for next week.  I bought a 40mm Elizabethan-looking miniature on eBay, plus a cast column base and top from Langley Models.  A piece of dowel of the correct diameter will turn it into a Nelson's Column-style monument for the centre of town.  A few more pavement pieces need to be prepared along with some brick walls (brick paper over foamcore) and we will be ready.

Pictures to follow...

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